Persona Releases New Tool for Cleaning Up Social Media Profiles of Job Seekers

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social media clean up toolBusiness startup Persona has released a new social media reputation tool for removing inappropriate posts and images from social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Persona notifies users via SMS when it identifies problems posts for quick removal. The service constantly monitors social media networks and allow users to delete flagged content directly from alert messages.

“When Facebook officially launched back in 2006, it didn’t take long for almost every teenager in the country to set-up an account and begin posting off-the-cuff comments and images without giving a thought to long-term consequences,” said Persona founder and CEO Lee Sherman. “Back then it never entered any of these kids’ minds that one day employers might come across their posts and use them against them in a job search.”

Sherman continued, “If you’re looking for a job and think that recruiters are only evaluating your resume and references – you’re missing the boat. And, at the same time, probably losing the job. Our tool helps fix that and puts candidates in a much stronger position to land jobs.”

The service is offered in two flavors: one is text only while the other, Persona Pro, also flags photos that it deems potentially inappropriate. The basic version of Persona requires an annual subscription at $19.99 while Persona Pro is available at $29.99 per year. The first 5,000 registered users will receive a free 90-day trial of Persona.


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