Questionmark Perception Adds Assessment Management, Reporting Enhancements

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questionmark perception receives upgrade A new release of the Questionmark Perception assessment management system for on premise deployments includes new features that enable learning and assessment professions to run job task analysis assessments.

Users can create Job Task Analysis (JTA) assessments, most commonly used for constructing and validating certification programs, to ensure that the questions on certification tests are relevant to the job. A JTA Summary Report provides the total percentage and number of participants that have selected each task, dimension, and choice in a JTA question, and a JTA Dimension by Demographic Report groups results by task, dimension and demographic data.

The updated release also provides three new JTA-related OData feeds for Questionmark’s API for Analytics. The API, based on the OData protocol, gives users secure access to assessment results data and the ability to provide access to results via custom dashboards or to analyze results using business intelligence applications.

Other enhancements in Questionmark Perception 5.7 include:

• A more responsive design for enhanced delivery to mobile devices.

• Cryptographic enhancements ensuring FIPS compliance.

• New enhancements to Questionmark’s Item Analysis Report.

• A new “Results Export” report.

Questionmark Perception version 5.7 can be used with Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases.


By Joshua Bjerke