Ready, Set, Go: Running Your Career Race

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career raceSome do not realize that their “career race” is not a sprint.  It is a marathon.  So many people grow weary doing their race and never reach their full potential.  In our “career race”, we have to stay focused on finishing the course.  You cannot waste time looking back or watching the competition. Too many people waste time thinking about what could have happened or dwell on the past.  Let it go! Focus on continuing your race.

Others focus on what their co-workers are doing.  How can you win or finish your race if you are overly focused on the competition?  Competition will always exist and we cannot control our competition; however, we can control how we run our own individual race.  We need to run our “career race ” as hard and fast as we can.

Also, you must run your race for yourself. You cannot worry about alternating your “career race” based on the opinion of others.  Your career race is your responsibility; therefore, follow these suggestions to help increase your endurance. Endure to the end!

  1. Perform at your highest level regardless of the circumstances or situation.  People will notice over time.  According to, an industry leader in employee engagement studies, “seventy one percent of American workers are actively disengaged”.  Stand out and be one of the engaged employees.
  2. Define what the end of your “career race” is. The end of your race could be defined as retirement at 55, promotion to director, manager, vice president, or chief executive officer?  Only you can define the finish line of your “career race”, and of course, it may change as time goes on.
  3. Identify distractions.  There will be numerous distractions including: life changes, possible downsizing, denied promotions, and etc.  Prepare to overcome them. encourages people to ponder all possible outcomes and have a contingency plan.
  4. Stay the course.  Keep your mind on the finish line and give it your all.  Remember circumstances can alternate the speed at which you run but at all times give it your all. You must run your “career race” as hard as you can or run the risk of being left behind.

By Caroline Knight