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Recruiting Jobs

Are you an employer looking to fill a recruiter position or a recruiter looking for their next job? If so, this job description template is for you! It includes a sample recruiter job post that you can use as a starting point for writing your own job ad. Read on to learn more about what recruiters do and what qualities are important in a good recruiter. Plus, use this template to find the best recruiter candidates for your open positions. Happy recruiting!

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Do you have what it takes to be a successful recruiter? The qualities that make a good recruiter can vary depending on the company and the position, but there are some general characteristics that are important in any good recruiter. If you’re looking for a job as a recruiter or if you’re an employer who is looking to fill a recruiting position, use this template to help you write your job ad or tweak your own resume. It includes all the information you need to describe what recruiters do and list the qualifications that are important in a good recruiter. And don’t forget to check out our other resources for employers and job seekers!

Recruiter Job Description

Looking to fill open positions at your company? It might be time to get the help of a professional recruiter in the job market. The sample recruiter job description from below can be used as a base template to post your recruiting or talent acquisition job.

Job descriptions vary greatly, but you can select from these typical recruiter job recruitments, qualifications, and experience to target your job post.

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Recruiter Job Description Instructions

  • In your job description, replace all brackets [] with your information
  • The job description is a bit lengthy, as we wanted to include many different types of common wording; we recommend shortening this sample job description before posting. Use 4 or 5 of these lines per section, and delete the rest.
  • Make sure to add your company’s spin on the job requirements, edit the seniority of the position, and include information on your company’s culture and unique benefits.
  • Edit the company about section with information about your company. Make sure to include information about your company culture, and what’s great about working there.


We’re Hiring a Recruiter

We are looking to add a Recruiter to our team at []. We are a growing company looking for top talent to help build the next generation of []. If you are a recruiting professional who is obsessed with finding the perfect talent matches and creating a positive candidate experience, we want to hear from you!



The Role of a Recruiter

As a recruiting specialist, it’s your responsibility to engage with job seekers and find the best-qualified potential employees so that we can meet and exceed our hiring goal on schedule.

You must possess the skills to help establish recruiting goals, then use those goals as benchmarks for measuring recruitment success. You will need to identify candidates using many sources – social media, web searches, internal transitions, job boards, referrals from your personal contacts, and industry associations. You will help lead the hiring process for your candidates and communicate interview process status with key stakeholders.

Best of all: we offer continual training to help you build proficient recruiting strategies by providing ongoing support and feedback during your career with us.

Recruiter Job Requirements

  • [] or more years of sourcing, recruiting, and talent acquisition experience
  • Enthusiasm for communicating our company’s vision and mission to attract strong applicants 
  • Subject matter expertise in customer service and candidate/client experience
  • Proven success in delivering results in a fast-paced, demanding, high growth, yet collaborative environment – requires a strong sense of urgency
  • Creation of and improvement to corporate job descriptions for a diverse range of roles
  • Working autonomously and with a diverse array of management styles, communication styles, and stakeholders
  • Professional and effective communication skills
  • Experience successfully using sourcing tools and resources such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Boolean strings, and more
  • Knowledge of employment law and Human Resources best practices
  • Deep understanding of the recruiting process and the ability to recommend improvements
  • A passion for creating excellent candidate experience and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Expertise with application tracking systems and recruiting software 
  • Knowledge of where to find the best candidates to meet the need for new employees, using job boards, social media, and other creative methods
  • Expertise in building collaborative relationships with hiring managers, across departments and seniority levels

Soft Skills

  • People skills–being able to chat with everyone from diverse walks of life
  • Vision–you have a creative and detail-oriented nature, which is invaluable when screening resumes against job descriptions
  • Analytical–from recruiting reports to metrics on our recruitment processes, you’ll be asked about recruiting data all the time
  • Proactive–you don’t wait for people to come to you; you seek them out
  • Willingness to learn–we will train you, but we expect you to take initiative and dive in on your own
  • Interpersonal skills — strong ability to relate to others, and build relationships based on trust

Recruiter Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Attract qualified candidates to apply to our company and fill open positions
  • Processing of job applications, ensuring high-quality applicants
  • Source qualified candidates through our suite of technology platforms.
  • Screening candidates for skills, job specifications, experience and background, and overall company culture fit
  • Liaise with department managers, human resource management, and other hiring managers
  • Lead the interview process and communicate with the managers conducting interviews
  • Recommend other recruiting and sourcing tools and sources to generate a strong candidate pipeline.
  • Write engaging messaging and job descriptions and run campaign tests to optimize the candidate engagement process and improve the hiring funnel
  • Manage candidate replies and coordinate interview scheduling
  • Support a variety of roles, including technical and business roles.
  • Create reporting and dashboards to track performance against hiring goals and timelines.
  • Reporting on talent acquisition and success metrics, such as time-to-hire, source tracking, onboarding success, and retention and turnover data
  • Map future hiring needs of the organization


Bachelor’s degree preferred in Business Administration, Communications, Finance, or related field. Additional Human Resources and Recruiting certification and training is a plus.

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Recruiter Job Description Template

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Please use this open-source recruiter job description template for your company hiring needs, including job posting on, other job boards, or your company’s career portal.

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