Recruiters and the Excuses We’ve Never Heard Before

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dog holding homework in mouthAs I write this note to all the candidates out there, I would like you to realize a couple of things. One, I just had two interviewees pull a no show with a new client this morning. And two, calling 10 minutes before an interview does not qualify as cancelling with appropriate notice. In any case, I wanted to provide a quick rundown of excuses that any Recruiter who has been working for, oh say, three months or so has already heard.

1. Your Car Won’t Start

For the record, people’s cars do break down. I get it. Mine has broken down before. But honestly, the chances that it broke down just a few minutes before your interview are pretty slim. Especially because it can’t happen to 10 percent of candidates 10 percent of the time, 10 minutes before the interview. And that’s probably about how often we hear the car story. And if you reallllly wanted to take the interview even though your car was dead, you can call a taxi, hop a bus or ask for a ride and I would cover your late arrival with my client.

2. You JUST Got Another Job

Wow, congratulations! You just received and accepted a job offer 10 minutes ago? That’s crazy! What are the odds! (pretty slim). Nine times out of 10, I probably won’t believe that you just received that wonderful job offer. Why? Honestly, because the timing is ridiculous. And even if you just received and accepted a job offer as you were leaving for your interview…. take the interview anyway! Because really, blowing off an interview is incredibly unprofessional, reflects poorly on both you and your recruiter and burns any future opportunity with that employer.

3. You Were in an Accident

Okay, so I may sound vaguely awful and insensitive with this one, but it’s only because I’ve had several candidates over the years get into “freak accidents” on their way to an interview. And with the exception of one, there was absolutely no news coverage, blip, blurb or otherwise about the accident. Also, you sounded totally fine on the phone when you called me. Most people aren’t fine after an accident. They’re a bit tense, nervous and all over the place. And I didn’t hear any noise, as in no traffic in the background. You sounded like you were chilling in your living room, but thanks for calling anyway.

4. You Have Food Poisoning

Ironically enough, the instance of food poisoning in the US is on the rise. But most candidates who back out like to say they had to go to the hospital with their terrible food poisoning. Yet, the percentage of hospital trips for food poisoning in the US? Exceedingly small. So really, the chances that you had some crazy food poisoning are slim, but I’ll take them; I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. But don’t try to make it that much more serious with a hospital trip—please don’t. Because then I know you’re probably lying, and that kind of ruins my morning.

In closing, please go online and look up some crazy, weird boutique illness when you call to cancel, because then I’ll at least learn something when I Google it.

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