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recruiter tipsRecruiters are often inundated with resumes – 90% of which are unqualified for any positions for which they are recruiting. Recruiters at both corporate departments and recruitment agencies experience this pain. Resume overload is exaggerated by a difficult economy and a high unemployment rate.

Although some applicant tracking systems support direct input of resumes from corporate career websites, most recruiters still receive Word or PDF resumes, which they then copy and paste into their recruitment software. Even the applicant tracking systems that have direct import of resumes have an issue: the resume is fundamentally unstructured data.

How do you import a resume into applicant databases that are made up of structured texts and fields? Without a technical solution, the only way is to have your recruiters manually enter in the resume fields. It’s a lot of work, but this is essential to tracking your candidates that apply to jobs.

When people refer to a resume parser or resume parsing software, they are talking about the type of technology which automatically imports resumes from any number of different sources. There are solutions which mine and help structure complex data from resumes stored in databases, email Inboxes, Word docs, PDFs, hardcopy paper storage, or even different and/or incompatible applicant tracking databases. These parsing software technologies help recognize resumes, structure the text, and import that data into a searchable and indexed format.

Here are seven of the top resume parser companies. Please note that these companies provide standalone resume parsing services, not only general applicant tracking and recruiting software.

  1. Alex Desktop
  2. Daxtra
  3. eConn
  4. eGrabber
  5. RChilli
  6. Sovren
  7. TextKernal

Using an effective resume parsing service can make all the difference to the productivity of your recruiting department. Not only does it save time, but it allows you to efficiently track and store every candidate that applies to your open jobs. If you save resumes in a structured format only, a resume parser might still be useful for ordering, searching, and structuring whatever unstructured text (such as job descriptions) that are listed on your candidate resumes.

This article does not intend to endorse or imply partnership with any of these resume parser technologies and order is by simple alphabetical order. may have a current, past, or future relationship with any one of these companies. This article is intended to be a simple resource about resume parsing and a list of resume parser companies. Please research all companies and recruitment technology products thoroughly.


By Marie Larsen