New Retail Recruiting Service Offered by Retail Smart Guys

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NewsRetail Smart Guys (RSG) is a retail consulting firm that helps retail stores with inventory planning and open to buy, as well as marketing. Due to a high need of dependable retail salespeople, RSG has decided to offer a recruiting service for the retail industry, which will benefit those seeking holiday staff at the moment.

Dan Jablongs, president of Retail Smart Guys, states, “We are always looking for ways to help our customers’ businesses. Given all of our connections in the marketplace, this is a natural extension of what we do. Rarely can a specialty retailer afford to have a professional recruit for them. We’ve made sure any retailer can afford this.”

RSG will train candidates with their sales training program at no expense to anyone. Lori Jablons, recruiter for RSG, is known for her ability to spot talent and skill when it comes to retail salespeople. Jablon had this to say about her: “Lori has incredible intuition when it comes to people. She has an extraordinary ability for spotting talent quickly and can get anyone to talk, which are both vital in recruiting.”

With over 30 years of experience providing services to small and large companies, RSG will also be able to staff management level positions on top of salespeople positions, including store managers and district managers.

To learn more about RSG, contact Dan by phone at 818-720-2585 or visit

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