SmartSearch Upgrades Green Recruiting Capabilities

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newsGreen recruiting initiatives are one part of a larger trend toward locating the “green” or “sustainability” efforts from inside the Human Resources function. [See “The function will become the driver of the corporate social responsibility agenda within the organization.”] Sustainability and carbon management efforts have recently attracted the attention of recruiting technology vendors, as well as general HR carbon management consulting firms such as HR Carbon.

Advancing the green recruiting trend, Advanced Personnel Systems (APS), known for their leading talent acquisition and applicant tracking software SmartSearch –  has recently upgraded their paperless document management system to include more online processing. The move aligns with APS’ longstanding strategy to support more green recruiting initiatives.

“Green Recruiting practices such as our paperless document management enable customers to enhance their employment brand and promote their environmental sustainability policy,” said Doug Coull, CEO at APS. “These enhancements to SmartSearch also improve the candidate’s experience by letting applicants conveniently upload, review, and update required documentation during the hiring process. Plus, recruiters save time with faster access to employment-related documents.”

Version 15 of SmartSearch allows for increased automation and paperless processing. While previous versions of SmartSearch possessed similar functionality for collecting, storing, and managing documentation online, Version 15 offers the one truly comprehensive solution for efficient and paperless recruiting.

With SmartSearch – resumes, online employment applications, cover letters, candidate certifications, screening questions, assessment tests, offer letters and other documents are all managed in a centralized online database. Other features include improved mail-merge, resume building, and various other reformatting and standardization tools.

The software also integrates with third party vendors for expansive green recruiting efficiency. Paperless screening, assessment and live virtual interviewing  is available through – another environmentally minded organization that aims to reduce carbon footprint and lower hiring costs.

In a recent press release, SmartSearch noted: “Many studies have shown that organizations can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and lower hiring costs with paperless hiring processes. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) survey on the Green Workplace reports that 75% of employees think it’s important for employers to be environmentally responsible. Going green has become an important factor in employment branding to attract, engage, recruit and retain top talent.”

By Marie Larsen