Some Spiffy New Updates

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recruiterThe world around us may change quickly, but I’ve noticed that even the smallest website redesigns take a lot of time. These things are way more complicated than they appear – especially if you think about it way too much. So after a bit of work, today we made some changes to the site about which we would love your input.

We designed what we hope is a much more user-friendly experience for our articles. You can see the images front and center, and check out the latest articles in an easier fashion. We’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for, with better categories and topic pages. In addition, we are trying out Facebook’s commenting system. Or I should say, you’re trying it out – let us know if you love/hate using Facebook.

If you see anything around the site that looks non-spiffy and/or completely, terribly broken, please let us know! Thanks so much and hope you enjoy the new look of the site.

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