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The days when Facebook was like a refrigerator door used for posting photos, jokes and messages are long gone. To stay competitive and comprehensive, Facebook has bitten into professional networking, recruiting and job hunting in ways that complement and compete with the other biggies such as LinkedIn and

Currently the most popular social network, with membership rapidly advancing toward the billion member mark, Facebook has advanced into recruitment territory by providing various apps and linkages for job hunter and head hunter alike.

Among the Facebook-related apps and interfaces available for employment networking are:

* BeKnown
* BranchOut
* CareerBuilder Facebook App
* CareerFriend Facebook App
* Hire My Friend
* LinkedIn-Facebook profile interface
* Salary Calculator Facebook Apps
* Work With Us by Jobvite

One of the fundamental laws of communications is "Multiplying channels means multiplying the competition as well as the opportunities". Nothing exemplifies this better than the explosion of social media and its recent expansion into digital recruiting and job hunting. As the biggest of the big, with hundreds of millions of subscribers, Facebook illustrates this principle perfectly-now, even in the domain of employment, as the timeless search for jobs and workers spreads and expands into cyberspace.

However challenging or demoralizing broad and immediate access to one's competitors may be, on the plus side is the consideration that with growth of competition comes increase in quality-quality of applicants and jobs. To facilitate access to the best and brightest people and careers, a number of Facebook-associated apps and interfaces have been launched that provide exposure and contacts for both sides of the employment supply-and-demand equation.

Some of these interfaces merely require a Facebook page or login; others are Facebook creations, for example, BranchOut, which allows registered users to:

- import information from their LinkedIn profiles and create professional profiles on Facebook without having to edit their Facebook pages
- browse friends on Facebook to see where they have worked
- browse and share jobs that people within their career network have posted

Users of this and any other job service are urged to carefully review the available privacy settings to optimally meet their needs and to prudently separate purely private or social content from primarily professionally-relevant content.

It should be noted that although Facebook previously provided an app directory, which has been replaced by keyword-search-based functionality.
Another innovative interface is that between Facebook and printing services that will print Facebook-oriented content, including business cards, Facebook timelines and profiles, etc.

Other Facebook-related employment and recruiting services include:

- CareerBuilder Facebook App
- CareerFriend Facebook App
- Hire My Friend
- LinkedIn-Facebook profile interface
- Salary Calculator Facebook Apps
- Work With Us by Jobvite

Apart from the intense competition such broad and easy access to job services creates, perhaps the most significant challenge or problem Facebook apps and interfaces presents is that of privacy, which Facebook critics warn is steadily eroding with each new Facebook-related innovation or policy change, e.g., alleged monitoring of messages between subscribers for links to be sold to 3rd-parties for marketing purposes, which is the basis of a 2014 lawsuit filed against Facebook; employer demands for access to applicant Facebook accounts; and Facebook-related termination of employees because of disapproved postings.
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