Staffing Firms Get Ready, 2014 Will Keep You Busy

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Man with too much work to do The post-holiday season tends to be a slow time for people across the country. Shopping stalls, home-improvement projects freeze up, and everyone from UPS to the post office experiences a lag in activity.

However, the same cannot be said for people who work in staffing firms. People are always looking for employment (especially in this economy with a 6.7 percent unemployment rate), but the search for work particularly picks up after the New Year.

People use staffing firms to explore new career paths in 2014

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to either find work or change their current career path, and that means that many people are turning to staffing firms to learn about their employment options.

In fact, it is estimated that the average American changes career paths around 7 times in his or her lifetime. A staffing firm can be an excellent option when it comes to trying out a new career, because it allows people to secure temporary positions in unexplored fields. Not only can they gain experience and build their resume in this field, but they can also learn whether or not this new field is a good fit. There is no better way to find out if a career is right for you then by jumping in with both feet and working within the industry, especially if it means you get to meet and network with people who have positions that you would one day like to have as well.

Obamacare means many changes for staffing firms

Due to the initiation of Obamacare, the beginning of a new year also signals many new changes for companies across the country. After months of delays, amendments, loopholes and last-minute changes, the Affordable Care Act is finally underway. This means many changes, not only for individuals, but for companies as well.

As corporations scramble to update their health insurance plans and make sure that they are following the new regulations outlined in the Affordable Care Act, staffing firms are faced with similar housekeeping challenges and human resources concerns.

Obamacare has many workers shifting to part-time and temporary work

Not to mention, Obamacare now requires all employers with 50 or more full-time employees to provide health insurance. This means that many companies are instead opting to cut down on their number of workers or to make their workers part-time instead of full-time, ergo sidestepping this new requirement.

In doing so, many workers will now find themselves turning to staffing firms to help them find other part-time or temporary work as they try to adjust to their new schedules. Likewise, many companies will turn to staffing firms to help them fill their open positions with skilled part-time workers who can help to get the job done.

Overall, 2014 will mean a time of great change for people in the staffing industry and for American workers in general. Although the Affordable Care Act will mean many changes for people across the country, including some unwelcome changes, the good news is that the busier we are, the better the job market looks for the coming year.

A bustling post-holiday season and plenty end-of-year tasks means that 2014 will hopefully be a better year for employment and for families across America. Here’s to a year of improved jobs numbers and a recovering economy across the board.

By Rob Wilson