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1-page-logo company logoThe resume is dead —and the The One-Page Company is making strides not only to resurrect it, but to take the sending-out-resumes process one step further.

The San Francisco-based startup offers job seekers and employers the opportunity to exchange the traditional, dying resume pitch for an effective one-page job proposal. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce the future of job search and job sourcing, the 1-Page Job Proposal Wizard.

The tool helps users write a one-page job proposal as a direct proposition for how job candidates can help solve a company’s business challenge. Users combine their skills, values, ideas and goals into a proposal complete with points addressing the following:

  • Target of the proposal (desired job/role);
  • Financials (estimated costs of work or required compensation);
  • Status (projected timeline for work); and
  • Actions (next steps proposal writer hopes/plans to take in pursuit of job/role).

The feature also helps users find out which industry, company, person and idea are best for their skills and interests, directs the research process— laying the groundwork for proposals—and demonstrates how to deliver proposals to the key decision makers. Subscribers can also receive The One Page Proposal e-book.

According to The One Page Company, people have created thousands of proposals with the wizard on, and more than 80 percent of those job seekers have secured jobs. Due to the success of the book and the 1-Page Job Proposal wizard, the company recently launched a B2B platform called 1-Page Job Proposal Platform.

As invite-only for enterprise customers, the new platform enables organizations to systematically solicit, distribute and review one page proposals in response to their specific business challenges, one thing The One Page says will save companies time as employers “evaluate a candidate while gaining a more accurate perspective on their potential success within the organization.”

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Joanna Riley Weidenmiller spoke with Joanna Riley Weidenmiller, co-founder and CEO of The One-Page Company, about her company’s efforts to take the traditional job hunt and talent sourcing processes to the next level. Check out what she had to say about this new evolution and the company’s goal of becoming to proposals what Google is to search, beginning with jobs:

  1. Why did you decided to create this type of startup? What was your inspiration?

The One-Page Company is based on the fundamentals of ideas and passion, and we understand that innovation comes from ideas and ideas come from people. Environments that allow people to stimulate their minds help both companies and people grow as a society. Our product serves as a platform that allows a job seeker to leverage their skills, natural-born talents, and most importantly have their ideas heard; something a resume doesn’t allow.

  1. Roughly how many people use The One-Page Company’s job proposal wizard tool?

We recently launched our platform and are working with a few major Fortune 1,000 companies and are moving toward working with small businesses as well.

  1. Can users submit job proposals for all types of positions or is the tool focused on particular industries?

One of the greatest aspects of a 1-Page Job Proposal is that it can be used for any industry, for job seekers looking to move across industries, in any country in the world, for any size of business. Our platform helps job seekers stand out from the millions of resumes by guiding them to write well-thought out, thoroughly researched solution to a company where they have identified a need, and most importantly where they can see themselves working—all in one page.

  1. How does using the job proposal wizard tool set job seekers apart from those submitting traditional resumes?

The 1-Page Job Proposal Platform allows candidates to be assessed on their ideas, not their list (or lack of) experience.

  1. Your company recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding and has now launched the 1-Page Job Proposal Platform. What other ways does The One-Page Company desire to expand in the future?

We are moving to B2B and B2E and working very closely with applicant technologies to provide all-encompassing solutions, and with influential career professionals around the world.

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