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Social media profiles have become the de-facto online resume, with professional networks such as LinkedIn having successfully propagated the social networking profile as a centralized access point of professional identity on the web. Both active job seekers and career-minded professionals should ensure their social profiles are well developed, descriptive, and attractive to potential employers.

As social media gains relevance within the business sector as a tool to promote services and products, employers are finding it beneficial to create positions manned by "social media experts," or people who are skilled in the use of social media websites as a means to increase public awareness of an organization. As part of a general corporate recruitment effort, many companies now accept social media resumes as a way to find people talented in the art of social media promotion and other marketing activities. These specialized resumes are often quite different from resumes addressing more traditional job descriptions.

Recruiters for social media positions are most interested in an applicant's social media skills and how they plan to use those skills to make a profit and extend an organization's reputation and access. One of the primary differences between a traditional resume and one aimed at a social media position is the focus on an applicant's online presence and how he or she uses social media and web programming languages to express him or herself.

A social media resume first lists a clear objective explaining why an applicant wants a job and how the applicant will use the position to improve an organization's exposure and profitability. Along with standard contact information such as name, address, and phone number, this more specialized resume also includes links to an applicant's social media presence such as websites and profile names on popular social media destinations. Recruiters are less interested in traditional experience and more concerned with skills in areas such as content optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, HTML, and CSS.
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