Talented Alliance of Part-Time Professionals (TAPP) Offers Membership Discount

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new membersFor those companies who hire part-time employees, the Talented Alliance of Part-time Professionals (TAPP) is now offering a special membership offer to access resources to continue to help individuals and employers get the most out of part-time employment. TAPP is a company dedicated to providing online resources, such as assessment tools, webinars, and discussion and job boards to individuals who work part-time as well as the companies that employ them.

There are currently over 27 million Americans who work part-time according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. TAPP is an online community dedicated to making part-time employees lives easier with its wide range of expertise and resources, including tools for success and a career center.

TAPP offers four categories of membership. The basic individual and company memberships are free, while premium memberships have a semi-annual or annual fee. Companies who want access to resources can become a premium member for $75 per year, while companies that want to become a founding member of TAPP can take advantage of a reduced price of $150 and still enjoy access to webinars, experts, articles, and discussion boards.

Linda Guild, TAPP CEO, states, “This offer supports companies who hire part-time and assists them in investing in their staff to increase productivity, profits, and job satisfaction.”

For more information on how TAPP can benefit individuals and companies, visit http://tapponline.net/.

By Rachel Lorinda