TEDS Expands Healthcare Solutions

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newsTEDS, Inc, a leader in the human capital development field, recently announced a number of new solutions aimed at hospitals and health care organizations. The new healthcare management tools allow organizations to “streamline their workforce, ensure regulatory compliance and maximize efficiencies,” TEDS said in a recent press release.

“In 1991 TEDS created a vision for full integration of its HR modules. Our vision led the way for the creation of the concept of Talent Management,” said Joe Ellis, TEDS’ President and CEO. “We have applied our concepts to several manufacturing companies such as Philips Healthcare, Chrysler and Dominion Resources, and are taking our learnings from `lean manufacturing’ and `change management’ to help hospitals optimize the effectiveness of their human capital in achieving their business goals.”

TEDS HR modules are fully customizable and engineered to fit the specific and unique needs of each organization. Their latest offering provides highly configurable employee performance plan capabilities, advanced user configurability, certification enhancements, and improvements in competency management.

“All of the new capabilities in TEDS are aimed directly at organization improvement,” said Lynda Helton, TEDS’ Chief Development Officer. “TEDS’ mission is to provide forward-looking hospitals and healthcare groups the tools they need to maximize workforce performance in a way that leads directly to higher productivity with resulting cost savings and maximized profits.”

TEDS modules are designed to focus on all facets on the talent management life-cycle. From recruitment and on-boarding to compensation and succession planning, TEDS offers a comprehensive solution that promises efficiency and results. TEDS’ HR modules are available individually or together as a complete enterprise solution.

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