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checkChallenges in Temp Staffing

Temp staffing has long been an important part of the recruiting industry. Recruiters who work in temporary employment agencies are experts at helping individuals find contract, seasonal or temporary work with professionalism and career goals in mind. Many recruiters at temp agencies work with college students and freelancers, as well as large companies who need employees fast for important projects. Working in temp staffing can be a great way for recruiters to learn the industry, as well as a way to enjoy a faced paced work environment with a lot of variety. Recruiters who work in temporary employment not only need recruiting skills to find good candidates, but they also need to have human resources knowledge, great interpersonal skills and marketing skills as well.

While headhunters or executive recruiters may think temporary employment recruiting is less work than their type of recruiting, temp staffing can be very challenging as well as very rewarding. Temporary employment accounts for a larger portion of the job market than many people realize, and the industry is more important than ever in the modern economy. There are many challenges in temporary staffing today that recruiters should be aware of, as well as solutions for these challenges.

The Myth of Temporary Employment

Many job seekers think that temp work is merely a stop gap or a way to make ends meet while they look for a “real job.” The reality of temp staffing is that temporary employment very often leads to a permanent position with a company. A temporary position can be a great way for a candidate to get their foot in the door with a great company, and it can also be a way to feel out different work environments until the candidate finds one where he or she clicks. Recruiters who work in the industry should be aware that their candidates may actually end up with a “real job” at the end of their contract, and they should prepare candidates accordingly.

Challenges to Temp Staffing Agencies

Temporary agencies need to make sure that they maintain a wide talent pool so that they can fill all open positions with their different clients. Recruiters in temporary employment agencies need to study their markets and always be on the lookout for talent that will work in their industries. It can also be important for temporary agencies to offer good rates to their clients, as the industry is getting more and more competitive. While it’s a good idea to offer candidates support like job training and seminars, it shouldn’t end up raising rates because that might make clients more likely to go to the competition.

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