The 10 Types of Recruiter: Which One Are You?

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Recruiters are, by necessity, a diverse lot. Sourcing top-tier tech talent in Silicon Valley is a whole different ballgame from chatting up designers in New York City. Recruiters must respond to their contexts by adopting the tactics and strategies that make sense for their situations.

Plus, recruiters are people, just like the rest of us. (Shocker, I know.) That means they all come to the table with their own unique personalities and postures toward the world. Combine this inherently human variation with a plethora of contextual needs, and what do you get?

You get Jobvite’s recruiter typology, a list of 10 different types of recruiter, ranging from the old-school “Traditionalist” to the cutting-edge “Tech Geek” and everything in between.

Check out Jobvite’s list below – and maybe you’ll find your own “recruiter spirit animal” among the entries. Or maybe you’re a whole new type of recruiter, just waiting to be discovered.

Recruiting Personas-info

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