The 5 Must-Have Qualities of a Modern HR Pro 

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There are currently 275,000 members of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This means that there are a lot of HR professionals out there, but which ones are the best?

These several thousand people all have to wear multiple hats: they must be adept at employee relations and employee development, knowledgeable about workplace regulations, and walk a fine line between protecting the needs of the employees and the organization’s needs.

With all these HR professionals  floating around in the world, it may be helpful for us to look at the five qualities that all modern HR professionals must have to succeed.

1. The HR Pro Must Be Adept at Employee Relations

HR professionals should have the best interests of the company’s employees at heart. They are, after all, responsible for maintaining and managing the employer/employee relationships that contribute to morale and motivation.

For this reason, HR professionals must have the emotional intelligence necessary to support these relationships. It is also essential that HR professionals help employees realize their goals within the company, as well as align those employee goals with the purposes of the company overall.

2. The HR Pro Is Organized and Skilled in Time Management

Strong organizational skills are crucial given the number of tasks an HR professional must juggle at any given time. In addition, projects and details have to be effectively prioritized to meet organizational deadlines.

Because the HR department is responsible for compliance in matters of corporate labor law, HR professionals have to be organized. With a heightened sense of organization, the department might stay within code and regulations.

3. The HR Pro Adapts to Technology and Industry Development

The world of technology is constantly growing. HR professionals have to take such progress in stride. Adapting to change isn’t a luxury: it’s mandatory. To remain successful and continue to develop, HR professionals must adjust to the times.

For example, twenty years ago, resumes were sorted by hand. A recruiter read each one of them individually. However, explosive developments in computer technology brought forth the applicant tracking system. Now, at least 99% ofFortune 500 companiess  use ATSs — and HR professionals have to master these tools for them to be effective.

Recently, HR has continued to adapt to technology, learning about mobile devices, social media, and many other advances that affect hiring and training processes.

4. The HR Pro is a Friendly Mentor and Training Resource

The best HR professionals are skilled in written and oral communication and have impeccable people skills. These skills are crucial because HR is the department employees turn to when they seek professional development, training, or an opportunity to air and address their grievances.

5. The HR Pro Understands What Drives Company Success

Successful HR professionals need more than just human relations knowledge; they also need industry knowledge. Well-rounded HR professionals go out of their way to continue their education and keep up with the latest HR trends, policies, and legislation.

Michael Meere, director of HR at the College for Adult Learning, writes that, “A rare quality in an HR director is one who is motivated to ask a question or do extra research. Laws change, and it is up to the HR director to make sure the company meets the latest standards in terms of health, safety, and other labor laws…If it means doing some added research or reaching out to labor offices…for help, a good HR director should be willing to do so.”

It is necessary to have a combination of hard and soft skills to be an effective HR professional. Every professional in the HR department has to be a face for the organization, both internally and externally. An HR manager should be organized because employment policies and legislation change regularly, and HR professionals must continuously expand their industry knowledge to keep up.

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By Sean Pomeroy