The Long and Winding Path to Tech CMO [Infographic]

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The path to CMO is a long and winding one – and the first step is knowing what it means! In the world of the CMO, a lot of work-related jargon and acronyms get thrown around, so let’s tackle this first of all.

“CMO” stands for “chief marketing officer,” a role that has become absolutely vital in recent years, especially for large companies for which public relations and brand promotion are essential to success.

Tech businesses really need their CMOs. As these companies develop new products and technologies, they need to convey their cutting-edge capabilities and stay connected with their target markets. The tech space is highly competitive, and it is the job of CMOs to keep their brands at the forefront of public awareness.

If this sounds like a dream job to you, you might be interested in this graphic created by Ecardshack, which shows how the CMOs of the world’s top tech companies got where they are now. For most it involved years of hard work, promotions, company swapping, and endless networking.

Read on to explore the path to CMO:

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Sam Butterworth is content marketing manager at Fusewave digital agency and a freelance writer, editor, and contributor to numerous online and print publications.