The Recruiting Reel: How to Recruit for Diversity and Boost Inclusion (With Kelly Dingee)

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“Diversity” and “inclusion” are common buzzwords in the hiring and recruiting world today. That’s not just because calling your company “a diverse organization” earns you good PR: Diversity and inclusion have real, tangible impacts on company productivity and performance.

How can your organization improve its diversity and become more inclusive? Tune in to hear what our featured expert, Kelly Dingee, has to say.

Kelly is currently the director of strategic recruiting at Staffing Advisors, a search firm that helps organizations with their recruiting needs at nearly every career level. She is a blogger for Fistful of Talent and has been consistently recognized as one of the most influential HR and recruiting experts.

Press play to hear about the role of diversity and inclusion in business today, how they contribute to success, and how to look for diverse candidates:

What are some other ways that your company can be more inclusive? Tell us below!

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By Josh Tolan