The Ultimate Guide to Create a Social Recruiting Strategy

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Over the years, recruiting has become competitive. These days, employers use CV parsing API  to conduct recruitment using an AI tool. In addition, businesses are also taking advantage of social recruiting. 

Whether you want to establish a new business online or find ways to upgrade your business, a solid social media presence can help you with an effective marketing opportunity. However, you should have social media tactics to help your business goals, primarily recruiting employees. 

To attract good employees, you need to create a social recruiting plan. The traditional recruiting method of finding top talents is less efficient in our business world. Social media has made it easier and less expensive to hire employees who would take your business to the next level.

With social recruiting , you can narrow your search for qualified individuals. You cannot use this hiring method if you have no idea what is needed of you. Business owners should get their brands available on different social platforms. This helps the brand become more trusting when hiring.

The job market has become more effective in the virtual world. So how can you take advantage of social recruiting for your business? 

Social Recruiting Strategies

You can carry out your social recruiting in an active method, passive method, or combine them both. The first thing you should do is create a plan to go about your job posting. We have listed some of the strategies you can use for your recruitment.

Determine your recruitment goals.

Before starting your job recruitment on social platforms, you should have a foundation. This would help you avoid divided attention. You should set up a detailed strategy on the social media platforms that suit your business best. You should use a single communication channel when funneling your prospects.

Use the right platforms.

Most business owners erroneously believe that Twitter and LinkedIn are the only platforms for recruiting top talents. However, some businesses may not fit into these two platforms when recruiting. Hence, you must research the ideal platform  for your strategy. For instance, when looking up your candidate profiles, you should use the platforms where they spend most of their time. A video editor may use TikTok and YouTube more, while a graphic designer may use Pinterest or Instagram.

Businesses should use the correct platforms that suit the roles they want to hire or fill. Each social media platform has its rules and regulations, including approach systems like hashtags.

Make it easier to apply.

You should regularly update how you recruit employees. Social recruiting has become easier and more fun to use. You do not have to stress those who want to apply for positions in your business. To thrive, you should monitor your social media recruitment strategy. 

Most job seekers use social media in searching for jobs, especially for remote work. Businesses that employ remote workers have the advantage of working with people from different parts of the world. 

Reflect brand presence online.

Businesses that positively influence their future candidate should provide a desirable work environment. This means that your brand presence should reflect on your social media platforms. A positive online presence and strong reputation should stand before your business goals.

How do you achieve this? It would help if you considered your business mission when creating your social media presence. You should display your business values, people, and uniqueness. This can be in the form of featuring your employees on business social media. 

Showcase your brand identity and employee stories to make your social presence friendlier and relatable.

Get employee advocates involved.

Businesses that want to succeed can use employee advocacy for their social recruiting. This automatically improves how far the recruitment can reach online. When your current employees share your business job openings on their social pages, it becomes easier to connect to diverse employees.

Engage your audience.

Businesses often lose sight of the approach they want to implement on social media platforms. Learn to engage your audience positively. While you post your jobs, ensure that you focus not only on that. Strive to improve the engagement of your target audience.

You can participate and be active in LinkedIn or Facebook groups to push engagement for your target audience. 

Take advantage of social networks’ advanced features.

While demographics on social media platforms change significantly, you can use your social media’s advanced features. This allows you to engage your target candidate for better understanding.

You should measure your results.

Social media marketing and hiring cannot do without KPIs. You should use KPIs for better efficiency.

It would help if you focused on these:


Traffic tells you the number of people who visited your social media. When analyzing the traffic, you can discover the right time for posting, where your traffic is coming from, and more.


Do you know how to calculate your business ROI? When you check the number of people who filled out the application and submitted it, it becomes easier to use the number of visitors when calculating your ROI.


Engagement also helps you test the waters first. You can begin by using A/B tests for your business engagement results. 

Build your employee referral program.

Employee referral programs have become a straightforward approach in hiring employees. You can get a high retention rate and engagement level with the right program.

Businesses should understand how to use social media in their recruitment exercise.

Build Your Social Recruiting Strategy Today

With the number of companies using social media platforms to hire top talents, you can also use the aforementioned social media recruiting strategies.

If you have already tried these strategies and they worked well for you, please let us know in the comments. 


Lori Wade is writing for Affinda.


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By Lori Wade