Top Job Perks Candidates Will Look for This Year (and How to Accommodate Them)

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Today’s Question: As they consider applying for jobs, what’s one benefit or perk you think more candidates will be looking for in 2023? Why? And what can companies do to accommodate this need?

These answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization composed of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. YEC members represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, and have created tens of thousands of jobs.

1. Better Health and Wellness Benefits

One perk that candidates will be looking for in 2023 is better health and wellness benefits. This is because the pandemic has made employees more aware of the importance of taking care of their mental and physical health. Companies can accommodate this need by offering health and wellness benefits such as access to mental health services, yoga classes, and/or gym memberships and health insurance. — Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Suite 

2. Hybrid Work

Candidates will be looking for a hybrid work environment this year. Companies can accommodate this by training supervisors on how to manage a hybrid setting, investing in technology that cultivates office and remote dialogue, and hosting events virtually. Each year, I host a big virtual Christmas party for all my remote and in-person employees. It’s always a big hit! — Shu Saito, All Filters 

3. A Four-Day Workweek

In 2023, I think candidates will prefer to work for companies that have a four-day workweek policy. It benefits companies by boosting productivity and helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. The companies that have implemented the policy thus far have witnessed astonishing results. So, it’s worth considering for those that haven’t yet as it brings out the best in the workforce. — Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms 

4. Student Loan Assistance

I think more candidates will be looking for student loan assistance. Student loans are a massive problem compounded by rising prices and recession fears. Companies can help reduce employees’ overall debt burden by offering contributions toward eligible education expenses. This will result in increased loyalty and commitment toward the employer. — Brian David Crane, Spread Great Ideas 

5. Mental Health and Well-Being Support

Mental health and well-being support will be one crucial perk employees will expect from companies. As the importance of mental health and well-being becomes increasingly recognized in this highly performance-oriented work culture, candidates may be more interested in companies that offer support such as counseling, mindfulness training, or other well-being resources. — Vikas Agrawal, Infobrandz 

6. Growth Opportunities

Candidates will be looking for growth opportunities this year. So, if a company offers better learning experiences and career growth, more candidates will want that company to be their employer. They seek this perk because the competition has become intense and everyone wants to be ahead of the curve. To accommodate this, companies need to invest in and carefully design training and development programs. — Jared Atchison, WPForms 

7. Flexible Scheduling

Flexibility in not only their location but also their schedule will be a big perk for job seekers in 2023. The traditional 9-to-5 is changing, and employees want more freedom to choose when and where they work. Companies can accommodate this by offering flexible schedules that allow people to work when they’re at their most productive rather than forcing them into an often arbitrary fixed timeline. — Diana Goodwin, MarketBox 

8. Meaningful Work

One benefit or perk that candidates will increasingly be looking for this year is meaningful work. With a greater emphasis on purpose-driven careers, more candidates will be looking for jobs that provide them with a sense of fulfillment and connection to the greater good. Companies can accommodate this need by outlining their commitment to social impact and how their employees can contribute to that. — Andrew Munro, AffiliateWP 

9. Financial Stability

In 2023, candidates will be looking for financial stability when looking for jobs. Last year was brutal with the economic conditions, inflation, and abrupt layoffs by companies. So, financial stability will be a priority for candidates this year. To accommodate this, companies have to devise efficient and transparent policies that safeguard employee rights. — Chris Klosowski, Easy Digital Downloads 

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