UK Job Board Adcaster Adds Video CVs

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softwareAdcaster, a UK based company, is an online multifunctional video job board that is helping recruiters find job candidates easier than simply using traditional resumes and CVs. Their website hosts thousands of jobseeker profiles that can now upload video CVs to showcase their skills and stand out from the crowd.

In a virtual library, recruiters can now host a candidate’s traditional CV and video CV. By having videos to view, recruiters can get a feel for candidates much faster than simply sifting through traditional CVs. Candidates can also use still life photography and other features to compile an interactive profile utilizing state-of-the-art video technology tools.

Debbie Philip, co-founder and sales director at Adcaster, remarks, “Even the best written CV can lack personality. Our video technology allows recruitment consultants to really get a feel for the person, including both their skills and their ability to communicate. The jobs market is overflowing with potential candidates and sifting through resumes is an incredibly time consuming process. Video CVs allow recruiters to quickly and easily select the candidates who stand out from the crowd.”

Adcaster took two years to develop its newest technology platform and has invested at least £250,000 in it. Based out of Knutsford, Adcaster is presently building partnerships across the UK with other recruitment agencies.

Philips adds, “We really believe that 2012 will be the year the video CV comes of age. We want to make life easier for recruiters, which means that filing through paper CVs will soon be a thing of the past!” For more information, please visit

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