Who Seeks Union Representation in Modern Corporations

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newsWhile many people gratefully sing the praises of their union representatives and organizers for ensuring their benefits and job security, other people are trying to figure out how to thwart the creation of new unions.

In a survey by the organization Modern Survey, the study attempted to figure out what causes some workers to seek unionization.  The likes of Joe Hill and Pete Seeger have been singing about the appeal of unions for ages now, but this company tried to figure out which workers are content without union representation.

Traditionally, the rallying call of unionization is a demand for fair wages, better working conditions, and better benefits.  This survey identifies other factors as the driving motivation for organizing a workplace.  Modern Survey suggests that if workers feel good about being engaged at work and confident in the future success of their company, they are not very likely to push for union representation.

Recruiters who handle the regular flux of employment have an insight into how many or how few people are confident in the way their companies are run.  So with that knowledge, you might want to consider the trends of dissatisfied workers that Modern Survey revealed.  More than twice as many (72%) of those who would vote “no” to union representation are confident in the future of their company, compared to those who would vote “yes” (34% confident).

This study has also established a very clear link between union vulnerability and employee engagement. Fully half (50%) of those who would vote “yes” to unionization are actively disengaged, compared to only 20% disengaged among those who would vote “no.”

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