WorkforceLogic Releases its New Software: Version 7.1

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NewsWorkforceLogic 7.1 is the latest workforce management software released by WorkforceLogic. The new software was birthed with a desire to appeal to global customers, as well as to have visual appeal for the upcoming generation. To accomplish this task, WorkforceLogic hired a top visual design firm to gain knowledge from hiring managers, recruiters, HR sponsors, vendors, and more and helped the development team in the creation of the software.

Catherine Candland, CEO, states, “With these changes, we are setting the foundation to expand our client base globally. Our credo is innovation, excellence, and usability on a global scale; the enhancements made with Version 7.1 take us there.” Senior VP of Product Development, Stuart Thompto added, “People liked our application because it was easy to use, but its look was utilitarian. This is a clean, simple, and intuitive user interface that will delight our customers with its fresh new look and ease of use.”

The software will assist with workforce efficiency and increased access to talent. It is user-friendly and comes with global support. WorkforceLogic assists with management and risk mitigation solutions and leads the way in innovative workforce management solutions.

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