Your Office Environment May Be Hurting Your Business [Infographic]

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BricksDid you know the temperature of your office can affect employee productivity? (Apparently, employees work best at about 22° C/ 71° F). What about the fact that certain computer monitors are correlated with decreases in typing accuracy? (We’re looking at you, cathode ray tube monitors.)

Don’t confuse this for fear-mongering. We’re not trying to scare you. We don’t want you looking at every tiny aspect of your office environment and think, for instance, Will this potted plant be the downfall of the entire organization?

Rather, we just want to introduce you to a fun — and fascinating — infographic from Intuit QuickBooks U.K., which asks “Is Your Environment Keeping You From Business Success?”

The infographic outlines the ways in which both the physical office environment — noise, pollutants, lighting, etc. — and the organization’s cultural environment can impact employee performance and productivity.

Check out the full infographic below.

Environment for Business Success


By Matthew Kosinski