3 Interview Strategies That Will Change Your Hiring Method For Good

Interviews spark fear in 92 percent of the talent pool, and that apprehension could result in poor interview performance, regardless of a candidate's qualifications. Those with great experience and the right skill sets might bomb interviews, and under qualified candidates might ace them, thanks to natural extroversion.

How, then, can recruiters help the best candidates shine above the rest when it comes to interviews? There's a lot of talk about interviewing best practices, but what do actual recruiters do? When ensuring that you not only attract the best talent to your company but also mold a great interview experience, use some of these innovative strategies.

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3 Interview Strategies That Will Change Your Hiring Method For Good

What you will learn in this eBook

We've really woven an intricate interview web, haven't we? Cut through the noise and find the best interview strategies in this eBook, where we'll show you how to:

Attract, engage and retain top talent
Schedule candidate interviews more efficiently
Value your candidate's time as much as your own
Avoid the questions you shouldn't be asking

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Fast Forward to the Future with Digital

In today's candidate-driven market, 75 percent of candidates identify themselves as passive candidates. Very few candidates are knocking on recruiters' doors, looking for work. Recruiters must now work extra hard to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Digital interviews can help recruiters identify top talent in the applicant pool and push those candidates through the interviewing process more quickly. We'd like to expand on the value of digital interviewing for recruiters...


Help to Make Your Candidate Shine
Fast Forward to the Future with Digital
Mark Your Calendar! Scheduling Is More Important Than You Think
It's All About the Right Questions

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3 Interview Strategies That Will Change Your Hiring Method For Good