5 Innovative New Ways to Make Attracting Talent Easy

To win the war for talent, you have to step up your communication game.

As unemployment falls, the pool of available talent shrinks. That means employers in need of great hires will have to compete with one another all the harder in order to land great talent. Communication is key in this competition: All the hottest perks and hippest employer branding in the world won’t mean a thing if your competitors are communicating faster and
getting all the best candidates before you can. 

Traditionally, recruiters and employers have communicated with candidates via email and phone calls. Unfortunately, these channels aren’t as effective in our hyper-connected world, where everything runs at super speed. 

For one, the response rates for emails and phone calls tend to be low: One 2016 survey found an average response rate of 44 percent for phone calls. Emails had an even lower rate, just above 30 percent. 

Part of the problem is the inconvenience. After a long day at work, does a candidate really want to have a long chat with a recruiter, or would they rather kick back and watch some Netflix? Does a candidate really want to sit down and draft a professional email in response to a recruiter, or would they rather spend some time with their family?

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5 Innovative New Ways to Make Attracting Talent Easy
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WhatsApp is a free messaging app for mobile devices and desktop computers. Users can send text messages, documents, videos, and images to one another through the app. The app can also make voice and video calls. Users can be contacted through the app via their mobile phone numbers. There is also a version of the app specifically made for businesses that lets users create message templates and send  automated messages, among other features.


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Conclusion: Choosing the Channel That’s Right for You

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5 Innovative New Ways to Make Attracting Talent Easy