Boost Your Response Rate: How to Get More Applicants ASAP

Finding and hiring qualified candidates is not the easiest task. Why else would the recruitment industry exist if employers could easily grab the attention of great new employees at the drop of a hat? Attracting job seekers, especially passive candidates, takes time, effort and a slew of strategies - and it's come to light that job boards alone are not doing the trick. So how can you attract more applicants to your open positions?

Learn how to evaluate your company's current standing and get more eager applicants in this comprehensive report!

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Boost Your Response Rate: How to Get More Applicants ASAP

What you will learn in this eBook

Your current job postings, company reputation, branding and more can be positively (or negatively) affecting your job posting response rate. This eBook will help you to:

Your company may be pushing candidates away
Too many job requirements is a negative
your horrible application process is costing you
Boost your job advertisement response rate

Sneak peek

The Silent Killer: A Horrible Application Process

Job seekers hate the application process. I can make that claim without citing a source, and no one will contest it. We just accept it as fact at this point.

The folks at Jibe, an HR software company that provides a set of cloud services for recruiting and managing talent, recently conducted a survey to find out just how much job seekers actually hate filling out applications. According to the 2014 Jibe Talent Acquisition Survey, applicants loathe the process even more than many of us expected. According to 35 percent of survey respondents, the job search is "easy." Compare this to the 80 percent who said it was "time-consuming," or the 78 percent who called it "stressful," or the 71 percent who called it "discouraging.


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Boost Your Response Rate: How to Get More Applicants ASAP