Building a Data-Driven Enterprise Recruiting Process

For a long time, organizations saw talent acquisition (TA) as little more than a necessary cost center. According to this view, the TA team doesn’t drive revenue. It only contributes to organizational success indirectly by performing the time-intensive, highcost work of recruiting new talent.

However, this isn’t an entirely accurate view of how TA works. Luckily, this view is also falling out of favor with the most innovative companies. Instead, these companies are starting to see TA as a strategic asset.

In the strategic view of TA, organizations understand the recruiting and hiring process is one of the cornerstones of organizational success. Forward thinking companies know better TA leads to better hires at a lower cost, and those better hires drive increased revenue and greater business success overall.

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Building a Data-Driven Enterprise Recruiting Process
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Stage 1: Awareness

Before people can even become candidates, they have to be aware of your company as an employer. The very first stage of the hiring funnel is all about building that awareness through employer branding efforts. During the awareness stage, the TA team is focused on creating compelling content that captures attention and motivates people to join the company’s talent pipeline.


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Building a Data-Driven Enterprise Recruiting Process