Change is Good: Top 5 Recruitment Methods You Need to Try

Today's job market is competitive and stressful for both employers and job seekers, and it is now becoming extremely important that companies utilize new and unique recruitment methods in order to stay afloat. Although traditional recruitment methods still prove to play a role in hiring, setting oneself apart from the competition relies on thinking outside the box. After all, employees are an asset to any business, and finding the best employees is crucial for the growth and success of every company.
So what can your company do to stand out from the crowd and draw in skilled candidates while recruiting? Try out these top five recruitment methods that will change your hiring for good.

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Change is Good: Top 5 Recruitment Methods You Need to Try

What you will learn in this eBook

It may be scary to take on completely new strategies when finding top talent for your company. But never fear! In this eBook we'll show you how to:

Pick the right social media platform for you
Gauge the true impact of your employee's referrals
Tap into the search engine based talent market
Make your hiring experience user-friendly

Sneak peek

Jump on the Video Train

Is it possible to quantify the information overload we live with in today's world? Here's a number that comes close: a study from USC's Marshall School of Business projects that this year, the average American will consume 15.5 hours of media each day. That's enough data delivered via T.V. viewing, video gaming, social media use, Internet surfing, and mobile messaging to fill nine DVDs. It's no wonder that people are easily distracted. So how can recruiters catch and keep the attention of top talent? With the right bright, shiny object: video.


It's Time To Get Social
Utilize the Benefits of Employee Referrals
Attract Talent Through Search Engines
Jump on the Video Train

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Change is Good: Top 5 Recruitment Methods You Need to Try