Control and Freedom: How Blockchain Can Improve Your Rewards Program Experience

As we’ve seen, rewards programs offer plenty of benefits to consumers, but they are not without their challenges, including:


•         Too many disparate rewards programs to track them all

•         Rewards expire before you can use them

•         Rewards points have limited use

•         Redemption schemes are difficult to navigate


However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a blockchain-based rewards program that issues consumers tokens instead of points, you get more freedom, control, and flexibility out of rewards programs. The benefits of blockchain for consumers include:


•         Transferable tokens give consumers flexibility

•         Consumers can spend and accumulate rewards points as they see fit

•         Tokens never expire

•         Blockchain technology ensures security and transparency


While blockchain-based rewards programs may seem like a pipe dream, they’re much closer than you might think, thanks to Asset Token.


Asset Token is the world’s first transferable rewards points ERC20-compliant token on the Ethereum Network. Asset Token uses blockchain technology to give consumers more personalized, secure, and flexible rewards programs.


To learn more about how Asset Token is revolutionizing rewards programs for consumers — and how you can get involved — visit today!

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Control and Freedom: How Blockchain Can Improve Your Rewards Program Experience
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Chances are that you, as a consumer, enjoy when brands offer rewards-based loyalty programs. After all, 75 percent of consumers say they prefer to do business with companies that offer rewards.

It makes sense why so many consumers like rewards programs: These programs make our interactions with brands more fulfilling. You spend money for the goods and services you want, and the brand thanks you for your patronage through rewards. In the best rewards programs, you earn points you can easily redeem for discounts, additional merchandise, or other valuable items.

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In a blockchain-based rewards program, consumers don’t accrue specialized, brand-specific points. Instead, they accrue tokens. Because these tokens are based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency protocols, they can be transferred between participating rewards programs, merchants, banks, and even other rewards program users.

This means you could earn tokens with one program and transfer them to another. This gives consumers a new level of flexibility when it comes to determining how and where their rewards points are redeemed.


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Control and Freedom: How Blockchain Can Improve Your Rewards Program Experience