Data Matters: Better Talent Insights Through Bigger, Richer Data Sets

These days, data is power. The more information you have on candidates, the stronger your talent pool will be – and a strong talent pool leads to better hires in less time for less money. 

Of course, collecting candidate data is easier said than done, and managing that data once you have it my be even harder to do. How do you ensure that every candidate profile in your database is as up to date as possible? How do you track a candidate's entire history with your company when that relationship might span years? And how do you centralize all that candidate data in one place when it's coming from ATSs, CRMs, social media, and your own inbox?

The answer, it turns out, is simple: You need to find the right candidate data solution.

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Data Matters: Better Talent Insights Through Bigger, Richer Data Sets
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What you will learn in this eBook

A candidate data solution is a powerful technology that gathers, manages, and centralizes candidate data for you, creating an orderly and accessible database out of all the noise. In this eBook, we'll cover:  

The benefits of a data-first approach to talent pools
How data can help recruiters save time and stay in touch with candidates
The four key traits of a top-tier candidate data solution
How a candidate data solution can turn you into a recruiting hero

Sneak peek

Chapter title: Building a Better Talent Pool Through Data

"There’s another benefit to having the most accurate candidate data at your disposal: You won’t make yourself look bad in front of candidates. It is easy for a recruiter working with limited or outdated candidate data to say something foolish – like telling a candidate who knows Python that they are not qualified for the job because they don’t know Python. This kind of behavior will quickly alienate top talent."


Intro: The Benefits of Compiling Talent Data Sets
Building a Better Talent Pool Through Data
What We Need: The Perfect Tech Solution for Compiling Talent Data Sets
Be the Recruiting Hero You Want to Be

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Data Matters: Better Talent Insights Through Bigger, Richer Data Sets