Hire Better Talent Faster: 4 Reasons Your Recruiting Needs Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most convenient, efficient, and engaging for candidates and recruiters alike. Live chat brings a handful of benefits to the employers that utilize it while creating more positive candidate experiences for the job seekers.

Best of all, live chat is relatively simple to integrate into existing career sites, advertisements, and other online recruiting tools. All your company needs is the right partner and a bit of code.

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Hire Better Talent Faster: 4 Reasons Your Recruiting Needs Live Chat
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We’ve taken a look at how live chat fits into recruiting, and we’ve briefly touched on a few of chat’s benefits, but it may now be helpful to survey the usefulness of chat in depth. There are the four main ways in which live chat can help employers take recruiting to the next level.

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If you keep up with recruiting industry publications, you know there’s a new communication technology in town: live chat.

Live chat has long been a cornerstone of internet communications. Think back to the glory days of AOL Instant Messenger, for example. These days, Facebook’s Messenger feature is so popular it has its own smartphone app.

In the business context, many organizations rely on live chat for sales and customer service functions. How many times have you visited a company’s website only to have a live chat box automatically pop up on the homepage, with a friendly company rep at the ready to assist you?

By and large, consumers have responded positively to the rise of live chat in business. According to one report1, 57 percent of consumers say access to customer service via live chat is one of the most important things a company website can offer.


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Hire Better Talent Faster: 4 Reasons Your Recruiting Needs Live Chat