How Recruiting Analytics Can Help You Hire Smarter

In recent years, the phrase "recruiting analytics" has been bandied about a lot. Rather than skim the surface of this critical trend, this eBook will dive into what recruiting analytics are and explore the ways in which recruiters can use the right data to take their practices to the next level.

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How Recruiting Analytics Can Help You Hire Smarter
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What you will learn in this eBook

Recruiters can collect data from a number of sources and leverage that data to inform their processes. In this eBook, we’ll survey those sources of data and explore how recruiters can use them.

How to Track and Leverage Sourcing Analytics
Does Your Hiring Process Take Too Long?
Converting Applicants Into High-Quality Candidates
Tracking the Success of Your New Hires

Sneak peek

What Percentage of Your Applicants Are You Converting Into Viable, High-Quality Candidates?

The higher, the better - well, sort of. As a recruiter, you don't want to spend all your time sorting through applicants and finding nothing but low-caliber options. The more potential employees you find in an applicant pool, the less time you have to spend with the ones who lack what you're looking for. But, by the same token, you don't want to end up with 100 quality candidates. Interviewing 100 people for one job is just as much of a time-suck as sorting through 1,000 applications to find no good fits.


Job Advertisement Data
Employee Referral Programs
Inbound Recruiting Metrics
Conversion Rates
Length of the Hiring Process
Acceptance Rates

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How Recruiting Analytics Can Help You Hire Smarter