How to Create a Company that People Want to Work for

Working in the recruitment and hiring industries has made one thing very clear: finding and hiring the best talent available is not an easy task. Even if you had an endless source of qualified candidates to choose from, the real challenge is revealed when trying to entice individuals to leave their current situation and work for you.
Find out the tips and tricks for making your workplace the best in the business in "How To Create A Company That People Want to Work For"!

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How to Create a Company that People Want to Work for

What you will learn in this eBook

Even if your company can't implement all of the 'bells and whistles' such as unlimited vacation days and free lunches, there are still many ways to create a company that people want to work for. In this eBook we'll discuss...

Why the initial candidate experience matters
Your company's reputation and candidates appeal
What really makes an attractive company culture
How honesty can make or break your hiring experience

Sneak peek

Start with the Candidate Experience

Most of the time, people talk about improving the candidate experience as if it requires hardly any effort. When it comes to the candidate experience, few understand the process, and even fewer find success with it. Not to purposely be the bearer of bad news or anything, but according to a infographic, just 5 percent of applicants rate their candidate experience as excellent. Awkwardly enough, 34 percent of applicants rate their experience as poor. Courting candidates is not easy, but it certainly becomes even more challenging if candidates are experiencing an awkward courtship process.


Start with the Candidate Experience
Improve Your Company Reputation
The Key Is Company Culture

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How to Create a Company that People Want to Work for