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It wasn't too long ago that most employee incentive programs simply consisted of health benefits and paid vacation days. Today, however, those things are not enough to constitute a world-class employee recognition program. Employers that want to attract and retain top talent in 2016 need to rethink their employee engagement strategies and offer programs that motivate and inspire their employees to strive for more.

>> Employee Recognition
Today's job market is competitive and stressful for both employers and job seekers, and it is now becoming extremely important that companies utilize new and unique recruitment methods in order to stay afloat. Although traditional recruitment methods still prove to play a role in hiring, setting oneself apart from the competition relies on thinking outside the box. After all, employees are an asset to any business, and finding the best employees is crucial for the growth and success of every company.So what can your company do to stand out from the crowd and draw in skilled candidates while recruiting? Try out these top five recruitment methods that will change your hiring for good.

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These days, data is power. The more information you have on candidates, the stronger your talent pool will be – and a strong talent pool leads to better hires in less time for less money. Of course, collecting candidate data is easier said than done, and managing that data once you have it my be even harder to do. How do you ensure that every candidate profile in your database is as up to date as possible? How do you track a candidate's entire history with your company when that relationship might span years? And how do you centralize all that candidate data in one place when it's coming from ATSs, CRMs, social media, and your own inbox?The answer, it turns out, is simple: You need to find the right candidate data solution.

>> Candidate data solution
The Walking Mentorship is a personal and professional development program that combines a weeklong hike through Spain's Camino de Santiago with a variety of exercises designed to help you create a "strategic architecture" for your life. In this eBook, the founder of the program recounts the story of one session from the summer of 2016.

>> Update your reality map
You have the talent, education, and skills to do much more than you are currently doing at work and within your career. So what’s getting in your way?In "Get Out of Your Own Way at Work", Dr. Mark Goulston, executive coach, CEO advisor, author, and more, examines a multitude of "self-defeating" behaviors that could be getting in the way of your career and your life. As a former crisis psychiatrist, UCLA professor of psychiatry, and FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Goulston has helped countless individuals get out of their own way and reach personal and professional success.Dr. Goulston has spent hundreds of hours guiding Fortune 100 executives, small business owners, and everyone in between away from their self-sabotaging behaviors. Now, he’s here to help you, too. Here’s to your future!

>> Get Out Of Your Way!
The average job search takes about six weeks – which, for most of us, is about six weeks too long. We want that darn job now! And who can blame us? There are bills to pay, mouths to feed, and career moves to be made. Few, if any of us, have time for lengthy job searches.We at are here to help, which is why we’ve compiled this book of 130+ job search tips. We asked the experts for their insights on everything from penning the perfect cover letter to emerging victorious from a meeting with a hostile interviewer. So, if you’re currently on the hunt for a new job – or you’re planning to go on the hunt someday – then dive right in and learn everything you need to know about succeeding in your search.

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In this eBook, we’ll take a look at six tech-related trends that are shaping the future of talent acquisition right now. By getting ahead of the curve today, recruiters can gain powerful competitive advantages and build the sort of recruiting and hiring processes that will carry them into the future, no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

>> Talent 2025
The Internet has altered the way in which candidates go about applying to jobs, which means recruiters have had to adjust their tactics in order to find and hire the best talent. Today’s recruiters aren’t just recruiters: They’re also marketers, content creators, social media experts, tech experts, and data scientists. In this eBook, we explore how the right tech makes it possible for recruiters to juggle all of these roles with ease. We’ll take a look at six tech-related trends that are shaping the future of talent acquisition right now. By getting ahead of the curve today, recruiters can gain powerful competitive advantages and build the sort of recruiting and hiring processes that will carry them into the future, no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

>> A Day In The Life
Recruiters tend to be people people. They want to build relationships and treat candidates like human beings. Unfortunately, rigid recruiting processes and inefficient recruitment technologies often hold them back. When that happens, recruiting becomes a cold and transactional process -- but that's not the best way to attract top talent. In order to put talent first, recruiters need the right tech tools on their side. This eBook takes a look at exactly what that tech tool might be.

>> The Right Tools for Recruiters
Hiring managers often trust their guts when making hiring decisions. The problem is, our guts are terrible at making hiring decisions, and data-based hiring methods in general always outperform our instincts by at least 25 percent. In fact, when it comes to data-based hiring methods, one in particular stands above the rest: the structured interview. Structured Interviews, when administered correctly, have a predictive validity of 62 percent - twice as high as the predictive validity of unstructured interviews.You can also learn more about VidCruiter's Structured Digital Interviewing solution by visiting

>> The Secrets of Recruiting Success
Onboarding is the best way to boost new hire productivity, employee engagement, and overall retention rates. Unfortunately, very few companies have the time, money, or manpower to create and maintain best-in-class onboarding programs. That's where recruitment technology comes in. With the right software solution, any company can bring its onboarding game to the next level.

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Altogether, recruiters in the U.S. spent a combined 82 years -- yes, years -- reviewing resumes in July 2015 alone. What recruiters need is a way to cut down on the amount of time they spend sorting through resumes, but they need a way to do this that will not filter out great candidates for silly reasons, the way many ATSs currently do. What recruiters need is automated resume parsing/resume matching software.

>> Next Generation Recruiting
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