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Increasingly porous national borders, migrant waves and the ongoing easing of other migration/immigration, employment and social-benefit policy barriers in the E.U. and the U.S. are very worrying to those harboring apprehensions about a global or regional migrant-entry and employment "open border"-induced free-for-all.

>> Open the border?
It's a fair question: "What, exactly, is a 'fair wage'?" Everybody who works wants one that's at least fair, if not generous. Employers, too, want to pay a fair wage, even if only in the sense that they don't want to be gouged, pressured and/or gullible. What about the flip side, the "unfair wage"?

>> What's a Fair Wage?
Want to kick start your stagnant career? Our eBook gives you the tools and techniques you need to conduct a discreet job search and land the gig of your dreams.Learn how to recognize the warning signs of a dead-end job, and what to look for in a new employer. Trade your boring day job for an exciting career today!

>> How to Land a Better Job
Like them or not, job interviews are a necessary part of the hiring process. So, let's face job interviews head-on. Let's grab 'em by the horns and make 'em say, 'Uncle!' Let's do interviews right.

>> How To Ace That Interview
Productivity is about making realistic commitments, monitoring your progress along the way, and building in time for rest and renewal...What can you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to boost your productivity at work and stand out from the crowd? Here are some tried and true tricks that can help to increase your productivity and success in the office and at home!
Although company culture has always been an important aspect of brands and their identities, the growing popularity of "startup culture" has truly made it a focus for employers. Startup offices are now featuring foosball tables, free lunches, and even napping areas as perks for their employees, and employers of all kinds are aiming to emulate this culture.However, company culture is definitely not just about the perks. Although bean bag chairs and unlimited vacation is great and very appreciated by employees, there is much more that goes into a happy, healthy workplace culture. Successful company culture involves trust, responsibility, communication, values and much more. So how can you create an amazing culture that will keep employees engaged and candidates dying to work for you? Here are our tips...

>> Company Culture Tips
Roughly 75 percent of organizations are on what seems like an endless search for specialized talent to fill niche roles. The new trend (or more like daunting task) today is the constant search for ways to build and grow talent pools so that employers can come in contact with as many talented individuals as possible. Thankfully, there are great "tried and true" methods as well as modern strategies that can be used to build a large base of candidates. If you're finding that your pool of great talent is at an all time low, try out our fool-proof strategies:                    

>> Sink or swim!
Finding and hiring qualified candidates is not the easiest task. Why else would the recruitment industry exist if employers could easily grab the attention of great new employees at the drop of a hat? Attracting job seekers, especially passive candidates, takes time, effort and a slew of strategies - and it's come to light that job boards alone are not doing the trick. So how can you attract more applicants to your open positions?Learn how to evaluate your company's current standing and get more eager applicants in this comprehensive report!

>> Get Eager Applicants!
The world of talent acquisition technology is a wide one. Applicant tracking systems; candidate relationship management tools; employee referral platforms; psychometric tools: the list of talent acquisition technologies seems ever-lengthening. So how can you decide which technologies are right for you, and which will be the most effective? Our answer? Look no further than video. Here's how video is transforming talent acquisition once and for all...

>> Lights! Camera! Action!
In today's competitive job market, all employers and recruiters are clamoring for the best talent for their organizations - but are finding trouble communicating to these candidates. They need to show talented individuals that they are the company of their dreams, but are limited to do so through job postings. How can companies express themselves and draw top talent in through job descriptions? It's plain and simple - they must get creative, get to the point and use these tips!

>> Entice your candidates
The thought of a career change is enough to paralyze most job seekers with fear. However, there are many ways to successfully make a career change without risking your current position, finances, and reputation as a professional. In fact, more and more companies these days are becoming accepting of candidates with a little less experience, and a little more willingness and capability to learn. If you're feeling sick and tired of your current position or simply that it's time for a new adventure, we have a step-by-step guide for you on how to change your career without a hitch!

>> Take the next step!
Retirement age standards, policies, customs and traditions are virtually universal in modern economies, but the concept of a  "retirement age" is ambiguous, meaning or comprising at least eight very different things.

>> Ready to Retire?
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