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We are racing to the threshold of what futurist author, lecturer and NYU Abu Dhabi Professor Ted Chu - chief economist of the International Finance Corporation at the World Bank and former chief economist at General Motors and the Abu Dhabi investment Authority - has called a "posthuman economy."A posthuman economy will define an epoch with the potential to be dominated by astoundingly and unimaginably sophisticated robots, A.I. systems, man-machine cyborgs, "transhuman" and "suprahuman" technologies, including GMO creatures and other surprises - all of them "autoplastically"-evolved or "alloplastic" enhancements, competitors or replacements for "traditional" humans.

>> Prepared for the posthuman economy?
A quick scan of job adverts on job boards and careers sites shows that many employers are missing a trick (well, several tricks) when writing their job descriptions. These job descriptions are not that well optimized to attract talent and/or attract the qualified talent.We have no doubt that many of the issues stem from time-pressurized employers just wanting to "get the advert up." The trouble is that studies show that the main reason for bad hires is rushing, according to CareerBuilder, and one thing which suffers during a rushed hire is the initial job description quality – which can put you on the back foot from the beginning.But, even if you are rushed, time pressurized, or not that skilled in job description writing, there are several simple modifications you can make to your job advert to make it more effective.

>> Ready to walk the walk?
Interviews spark fear in 92 percent of the talent pool, and that apprehension could result in poor interview performance, regardless of a candidate's qualifications. Those with great experience and the right skill sets might bomb interviews, and under qualified candidates might ace them, thanks to natural extroversion.How, then, can recruiters help the best candidates shine above the rest when it comes to interviews? There's a lot of talk about interviewing best practices, but what do actual recruiters do? When ensuring that you not only attract the best talent to your company but also mold a great interview experience, use some of these innovative strategies.

>> Ready for a great interview experience?
Some say that the way to conduct one's personal life is to 'go with the flow.' Relax, let yourself be carried by the currents of chance, focus on the ride (not the destination), and don't try to force anything—just 'let it be.' Yet, in the realms of career, business, and management, many of the same and most other people are likely to believe that nothing is accomplished without self-denial, cost-cutting, and clock-watching.

>> Flow at Work
Instead of generalizing about what the Millennial mind "really" is or what it ought to be, or what percentage of Millennials are this or that, or more or less so than others, the goal shall be to explore "conditional explanations" and descriptions of their alleged, disputed or denied traits, attitudes and behaviors.

>> The real Millennials
What will happen if a sophisticated A.I. system (especially an "autonomous" one) interprets its directives and data in such a way that it "perceives" a conflict between human goals and needs, and proceeds to give them relative weights and priorities disastrously at odds with human weightings of these -- e.g., through either a misinterpretation of your command or an unimaginably complex logistical chain triggers a nuclear exchange between two superpowers in order to make a pizza for you?

>> The Future of A.I.
Because "narcissism" means different things to different people and in different domains (e.g., pop-culture and social science research), the term should be used with great caution in informal social contexts, in the media, in HR assessment and employee management, and in scientific research.

>> Millenials, millenials, millenials
Increasingly porous national borders, migrant waves and the ongoing easing of other migration/immigration, employment and social-benefit policy barriers in the E.U. and the U.S. are very worrying to those harboring apprehensions about a global or regional migrant-entry and employment "open border"-induced free-for-all.

>> Open the border?
It's a fair question: "What, exactly, is a 'fair wage'?" Everybody who works wants one that's at least fair, if not generous. Employers, too, want to pay a fair wage, even if only in the sense that they don't want to be gouged, pressured and/or gullible. What about the flip side, the "unfair wage"?

>> What's a Fair Wage?
Want to kick start your stagnant career? Our eBook gives you the tools and techniques you need to conduct a discreet job search and land the gig of your dreams.Learn how to recognize the warning signs of a dead-end job, and what to look for in a new employer. Trade your boring day job for an exciting career today!

>> How to Land a Better Job
Like them or not, job interviews are a necessary part of the hiring process. So, let's face job interviews head-on. Let's grab 'em by the horns and make 'em say, 'Uncle!' Let's do interviews right.

>> How To Ace That Interview
Productivity is about making realistic commitments, monitoring your progress along the way, and building in time for rest and renewal...What can you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to boost your productivity at work and stand out from the crowd? Here are some tried and true tricks that can help to increase your productivity and success in the office and at home!
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