It's Not Just About The Perks: How To Create an Amazing Company Culture

Although company culture has always been an important aspect of brands and their identities, the growing popularity of "startup culture" has truly made it a focus for employers. Startup offices are now featuring foosball tables, free lunches, and even napping areas as perks for their employees, and employers of all kinds are aiming to emulate this culture.

However, company culture is definitely not just about the perks. Although bean bag chairs and unlimited vacation is great and very appreciated by employees, there is much more that goes into a happy, healthy workplace culture. Successful company culture involves trust, responsibility, communication, values and much more. So how can you create an amazing culture that will keep employees engaged and candidates dying to work for you? Here are our tips...

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It's Not Just About The Perks: How To Create an Amazing Company Culture

What you will learn in this eBook

Company culture truly can make or break a great candidate's decision to work for your company. In this eBook, we'll show you how to:

Create a culture that captures the attention of top talent
Engage your employees
Show that you value happiness
Show that you value happiness

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How Can You Turn Around a Negative Culture?

The "2014 Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Report" from TINYpulse found that only 36 percent of the 200,000 survey respondents rated their organizations' company cultures as "strong." This means that, even if you look around your office and see what you believe are contented faces, there's a good chance that roughly two out of three of your workers regard your company culture as weak and unsupportive.

Given these findings, employers should do some serious investigating to find out what the culture is like at their companies. If your investigation reveals that your culture is more toxic than you expected, here are some tips to help your make things better...


First of all, Why Does Company Culture Matter?
How Can You Turn Around a Negative Culture?
All in All, Focus on Happiness
Learn to Take Work Culture Seriously

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It's Not Just About The Perks: How To Create an Amazing Company Culture