Need a Better Job? Here's How to Get It the Right Way!

Want to kick start your stagnant career? Our eBook gives you the tools and techniques you need to conduct a discreet job search and land the gig of your dreams.

Learn how to recognize the warning signs of a dead-end job, and what to look for in a new employer. Trade your boring day job for an exciting career today!

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Need a Better Job? Here's How to Get It the Right Way!

What you will learn in this eBook

According to LinkedIn's 2014 Talent Trends report, 75 percent of working professionals identify as "passive candidates." But what are passive candidates — and are you one of them?

In this eBook, you'll learn what it means to be a passive candidate and how you can leverage your status as a passive job seeker to reach new heights in your career. We'll look at:

the problem of feeling too comfortable at work
how to decide when it's time to look for a new job
searching for a new job while you're still employed
how to find the right company for you

Sneak peek

The Curse of Comfort

Perhaps while reading this eBook, you're thinking to yourself: "I don't really need to know any of this stuff — I love my job!" If so, you may have to ask yourself a difficult and seemingly paradoxical question: "Am I too comfortable in my job?"

Comfort seems like a good thing, right? You don't want to be stressed out or anxious every day. You want to feel good at work, and comfort should be a good way to feel, right?

While you don't want to be a stress-stricken mess, you do want to be challenged by your job, which isn't exactly the same as being comforted by your job. Your job should push you to grow and improve. That's how you advance through the ranks: we develop our skills by overcoming challenges, and, ideally, our ability to overcome challenges should show our employers that we're ready for a promotion, new responsibilities, new opportunities, etc. Your job should not just let you stagnate (comfortably!) at the same level for years at a time.

But a lot of companies don't work this way. A lot of companies don't push their employees to grow, leaving them comfortable but stuck in the same role for what feels like eternity. And even if your employer does challenge you, there's no guarantee that it will recognize your achievements and reward you accordingly.


Are You a Passive Job Seeker?
The Curse of Comfort
When Is It Time to Look for a New Job?
What Steps Should I Take to Maximize My Passive Job Search?
What Steps Should I Take to Maximize My Passive Job Search?
What Should I Look for in a New Employer?

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Need a Better Job? Here's How to Get It the Right Way!