Next-Generation Tools for Your Recruitment Software

Altogether, recruiters in the U.S. spent a combined 82 years -- yes, years -- reviewing resumes in July 2015 alone. What recruiters need is a way to cut down on the amount of time they spend sorting through resumes, but they need a way to do this that will not filter out great candidates for silly reasons, the way many ATSs currently do. What recruiters need is automated resume parsing/resume matching software.

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Next-Generation Tools for Your Recruitment Software
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Enterprise executives trying to decide which resume parsing software they should purchase, as well as job board operators and ATS vendors in search of a resume parsing software provider with which to partner, may feel a little overwhelmed. No company wants to spend money on a solution that doesn't deliver the best possible results. There are a lot of options out there, and it's important to only choose the best.

Great Resume Parsing Software
The Importance of Automation
Find the Right Candidates More Easily
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How Semantic Search Leads You to the Best Candidates

Semantic search functions don't just allow recruiters to search for candidates more easily: they also allow the resume parsing technology to deliver candidate matches straight to a recruiter's door.

Through semantic search technology, a resume parser can automatically match resumes to vacancies, allowing recruiters to find qualified candidates more quickly. Similarly, the resume parser can also match resumes between candidates in order to recommend similar profiles.

So, for example, if a recruiter just placed a great candidate in a role as a .NET developer and now needs to find another great candidate for a second .NET developer role, the software can send the recruiter resumes that are very similar to the previous candidate's resume.


The Challenges of Talent Acquisition
Project Management
The Current State of the Talent Acquisition Industry
Why You Need a Resume Parser
Why Your ATS or Job Board Needs Automation
What You Should Look for in Great Resume Parsing Software

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Next-Generation Tools for Your Recruitment Software