Own That Interview: 9 Common Interview Types and How to Ace Them All

Ready for your next interview? To help you prepare for anything an employer might throw at you, this eBook explores nine common interview types and how to dominate each one.

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Own That Interview: 9 Common Interview Types and How to Ace Them All

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Interviews can come in all shapes and sizes, and most companies will put you through more than one round of them. Learn how to be ready for anything in the interview process!

Why Do I Need to Go Through So Many Interviews?
9 Common Interviews and How to Prepare for Each
Practicing Your Interview Techniques
A Guide to Writing and Sending Thank-You Notes

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Preparing for Group Interviews

During group interviews, multiple candidates interview at the same time. The purpose of these interviews is usually to see how well you (and other candidates) can interact with people.

For that reason, the golden rule of group interviews is 'Do not monopolize the interview.' Don't talk over other candidates. Don't shut down their ideas. Don't set out to prove yourself better than everyone else by saying the most, talking the loudest, or holding the interviewer's attention for the longest amount of time.

Obviously, you want to make sure your ideas are heard. You shouldn't be mute and timid and let other candidates dominate the floor, either.

What you really want to demonstrate in a group interview are your people skills. Make friends with your fellow candidates. Engage in discussions with them when the opportunity arises. Listen intently to everything your fellow candidates say. Support their ideas when you can, and, if anyone says anything that you feel requires a response, respond politely and personably - even if you disagree with what is being said. You'll have to do some politicking, but it's for a good cause: you'll show the interviewers that you can work well with others, even when you disagree with them.


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Own That Interview: 9 Common Interview Types and How to Ace Them All