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COVID-19 has changed the world. That much is clear. Less clear, however, are the particular nature and extent of that change, especially in the job market. As some companies move to fully remote operations, some are forced to suspend business, and others ramp up operations to previously unseen levels, employers are rethinking how they approach recruiting and talent acquisition. 

But the changes wrought by COVID-19 are ongoing, and it's hard to prepare for the future when you're not even sure what it will look like. That's why we launched the Recruiter Index® survey. 

No one understands the talent market like the recruiters, HR professionals, and talent acquisition experts working on the front lines. At, we surveyed our network of 20,000+ independent recruiting and talent acquisition specialists to uncover what the job market looks like right now — and what it might look like in the coming weeks and months. 

The good news: The future's not as frightening as you might think.

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Even the hardest-hit industries expect some level of recovery within 90 days. For example, a third of recruiters in food / beverages said they anticipate higher demand in 90 days.


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