Recruiter Index®: March 2021

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At 3.8, recruiter sentiment continues its upward trend, reaching a new high in Recruiter Index® history. The current job market outlook and the 30-day forecast improved slightly, while the 90-day forecast remained steady.

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Recruiter Index®: March 2021

Sneak peek

Average workloads fell from 18 open roles per recruiter in February to 16 in March — but the more important news is that the year-over-year workload gap finally closed. For the first time in the history of the Recruiter Index®, recruiters reported working on more roles right now than the same time last year. The Great Re-Hire appears to be underway.
Current workloads were up 14.3 percent from March 2020. That may not be a complete surprise, considering March 2020 was the start of the pandemic. Still, this is a vital milestone and a concrete sign the job market has seen some meaningful recovery, even if it's not back to full health just yet.


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Recruiter Index®: March 2021