The New Rules of Recruiting 2021

After a decade of dominance, the job seeker’s market ended with the arrival of COVID-19. Now, employers are calling the shots — but they must use their newfound power wisely.

Recruiters have to rethink the ways they source, engage, and hire candidates in 2021. The biggest change recruiters have to make is a change of focus, from passive candidates to active talent. In an employer’s market, recruiters need to play by a new set of rules if they want to successfully source and hire skilled active candidates. 

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The New Rules of Recruiting 2021
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Even with targeted job ads and the right promotional channels, you won’t stem the flow of unqualified candidates entirely. Your talent pipeline will go from a trickle to a firehose, and you’ll need a way to manage it if you don’t want to be buried under all those resumes. 

But a massive influx of candidates won’t be a problem if you have the right tools and processes in place. 

The first step is to leverage your applicant tracking system (ATS) to automate the early stages of candidate screening. Most modern ATSs have resume-parsing functions that you can make use of. Establish a few absolutely necessary requirements, and use your ATS to automatically reject any candidates who don’t meet that criteria.

Even with automated screening, you may end up with more candidates than you can comfortably handle. This is where video interviews come in: They’re more convenient to schedule and conduct, which allows you to move quickly to further winnow the field down to a manageable number. 


COVID-19 Put Employers Back in the Driver’s Seat
The New Rules of Recruiting
Employers, Use Your Newfound Power Wisely

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The New Rules of Recruiting 2021