The Recruiter’s Automation Playbook: 30 Tips on Candidate Engagement, Sourcing & Screening

It’s official: The machines are pretty great at making hires.


At least that’s what the results of a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research1 seem to indicate. The study compared hires made by an algorithm to hires made by hiring managers across 15 companies and found that retention rates were roughly 15 percent higher when algorithms made the decisions.


Far from taking this to be a sign of the recruiting apocalypse, many recruiters are rejoicing over the advances of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and other forms of automation in the field. In a survey of more than 450 recruiters and 4,000 candidates conducted by Jobsite2, 75 percent of respondents said automation “allowed them to complete routine tasks quickly.” Sixty-eight percent said automation “freed up their time to do better work,” and 50 percent said it “allowed better client and candidate service.”

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The Recruiter’s Automation Playbook: 30 Tips on Candidate Engagement, Sourcing & Screening
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What you will learn in this eBook

In this eBook, we’ve collected 30 tips on how to bring automation to your recruiting process. The tips inside are arranged in three categories: candidate engagement, candidate sourcing, and candidate screening.

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8. Get Candidates to Engage You 

We typically talk about candidate engagement in terms of what recruiters can do to attract candidates and gain their interest. With automation, however, you can flip the whole process on its head. 

When you deploy a candidate-facing chatbot, it gives candidates the chance to make the first move and engage you. Because the chatbot is handling the conversation, recruiters don’t have to worry about unqualified candidates wasting their time. The chatbot will only let the qualified candidates through. 

Moreover, the chatbot gives candidates who might go overlooked a shot at wowing recruiters. Recruiters pass over perfectly qualified candidates for a variety of reasons, including incomplete or outdated social profiles, the wrong keywords in the candidate’s resume, or a simple error in judgment. When candidates engage chatbots, however, they can make
the case for why they are qualified — thereby making it less likely that a great candidate will wrongly slip through the cracks.


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The Recruiter’s Automation Playbook: 30 Tips on Candidate Engagement, Sourcing & Screening