Transform Your Hiring: 9 Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement

HR and recruiting pros are well aware of the dismal employee engagement numbers in the U.S., with roughly two-thirds of employees not engaged at work. What gets less prominent billing in industry publications is the equally important problem of candidate engagement. This lack of attention is troublesome for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that candidate engagement is a critical precursor to employee engagement.

Candidate engagement is the act of engaging candidates. By “engaging candidates,” we mean getting candidates interested in, excited for, and passionate about your company and the open role to which they are applying.


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Transform Your Hiring: 9 Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement
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The first stage of any recruiting process is to get job seekers interested in your company and the jobs you have open. To create an engaging candidate experience during the attraction phrase, keep these three things in mind:

Timeliness and Responsiveness
Automation and A.I.
Personalized Outreach
Tracking Communication History
Opt-Out Options
Consistency of Communication
Keeping Track

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It is time for this to change: Employers must start investing in improving the candidate experience at all stages of the recruiting and hiring process, from attracting talent to onboarding

new employees.


Thankfully, new technologies are emerging to help employers do exactly that. Text, chat and artificial intelligence in particular, make it easier for recruiting and hiring pros to share more information with candidates, be more responsive to their needs, and build more trusting relationships. Combined they can be invaluable in the quest to build a more engaging candidate experience.


Let’s take a look at nine ways that employers can boost candidate engagement when attracting talent, actively recruiting talent, and onboarding new hires:


Introduction: Why Candidate Engagement Is Critical
Boosting Engagement at the Talent Attraction Stage
Boosting Engagement When Actively Recruiting/Sourcing Talent
Boosting Engagement at the Onboarding Phase
Conclusion: For a More Engaging Candidate Experience, Find the Right Communication Platform

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Transform Your Hiring: 9 Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement