businessman pointing arm upwards in front of ascending business graphWhat recruiter doesn’t want to be the best? To not only be at the top of his/her game, but at the top of the entire recruitment industry? A range of information and advice exist, attempting to help recruiters discover the “how to” on what it takes to be great. And now, even a reality show has set out to uncover this ultimate recruiting star.

Last month, I wrote an article about a hit web-reality series called Top Recruiter: Miami Reality Series Season 2. The series, from LaVoie Entertainment and sponsored by companies such as SilkRoad and HireVue, aims to put “some of the world’s most talented talent professionals in a head-to-head competition to determine who has what it takes to earn the coveted title of Top Recruiter.”

After watching an episode, I wondered if such a show could negatively impact a company’s employer brand. I also posed the question of whether having recruiters on reality TV can positively or negatively impact a job seeker’s view of the recruitment industry. Well, after reading my thoughts, someone desired to not only answer my questions, but offer a few thoughts of his own. And his name is Chris LaVoie.

As the creator and executive producer of Top Recruiter, LaVoie is the ultimate behind-the-scenes guy who can offer viewers more insight into the hit series. had the opportunity to chat with LaVoie about his successful web series. Read on to discover what he had to say about the new series, comparisons to other reality TV shows, and the key ingredients needed to produce what the show is ultimately looking for—the “top recruiter”:

1. With the current explosion and popularity of reality TV in America, why did you feel it was necessary to bring this trend into the recruitment industry?

This is a two part answer: First, the recruitment industry holds a lot of value in terms of our job market. We wanted to educate the general public as well as shed some light on what technologies and services are available to recruiters without having to approach a booth at a conference.

The idea of Top Recruiter was born in the dawn of the recession. We realized quickly back then, as many people did, that things were about to change. We realized that while many people were losing their jobs and homes, there were other opportunities as a direct result of this recession. We knew that many people simply did not have the inside knowledge that a recruiter has. We wanted to deliver this information in a way that was entertaining so that people would watch and learn and hopefully apply the information to their situation and thrive. There was so much doom and gloom hovering over us as a country that we really felt something should be done. Although I’ve personally been in the recruitment industry for over 15 years and I have always had a passion for film, I just took my two passions and married them.

2. Did you have any concerns with possible negative views of seeing recruiters on reality TV? For example, “Jersey Shore” type of comparisons?

Although we knew the possibility of people thinking of these types of reality TV shows when they imagined what this might be, we also knew that you can’t compare Jersey Shore with the Apprentice. While they are both reality based shows, they are truly two different animals.

Reality based shows have come a very long way since the first production of MTV’s The Real World. We knew what our vision was and knew that once we introduced the style and format of the show, those negative perceptions would be calmed.

3. Now in its second season, is the show’s reception similar to what you predicted/hoped for? Why or why not?

Season 1 was the pilot, and there was a lot of cutting through uncharted territory; it was received well in the industry. We were pleased with the outcome. Season 2′s motto was to make it bigger and better. We feel that thus far, it is being received even better than the prior season. People are now paying attention because of the buzz around the show. People are talking, and honestly, good, bad or ugly… conversation where Top Recruiter is at the center is always a good thing.Chris Lavoie

4. Out of how many applicants did you choose the current seven contestants? What is the selection process?

There are six contestants and one host who is also a recruiter (and a hell of a recruiter at that!) Both times, we screened enough applicants to make you blind, but it was and will continue to be all about quality (who really needs eyeballs anyhow).

For Top Recruiter, the most important characteristic is knowledge base. For us, we want the show to be credible. We want to educate and only people with real expertise can really do that, right?

Secondly, this is a show, and shows need to be entertaining to keep any attention by the viewer. So, we look for bold personalities who don’t cringe at the sight of a camera. They simply need to be comfortable in front of the camera; not everyone can do that.

5. Season 2 went international to find the world’s top recruiter. Any exciting plans for season 3?

Bigger and better! We loved the outcome of bringing a global perspective to the show… we plan to do that again! We gained so much from doing that. With the tsunami that is social media, our world is getting smaller and smaller; that cannot be ignored, and really, why would you want to?

6. I’m a recruiter and I’d like to audition for season 3 of Top Recruiter. How can I do this?

Easy! Go to and look for the “casting” tab!

7. Your show seeks to discover the “top recruiter” in the industry. If you had to put together five ingredients to produce a top recruiter, what would they be?

1. Honesty and integrity

2. A positive outlook in general

3. A high emotional IQ

4. Excellent interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

5. Access to really good technologies, such as those provided by HireVue, Silkroad, GreenJobInterview, Broadbean, etc.

8. Final thoughts?

Yes! I’m thrilled to report that as of today we’ve just hit over 1.9 million people who have watched Top Recruiter Season 2! Mustn’t be that bad to watch, so tune in and VOTE!


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