January 25, 2017

6 Styles of Leadership – and How to Use Them Effectively [Infographic]


At the risk of sounding like an after-school special, everyone is a leader in their own way. Some of us head up departments, others coach their daughters’ soccer teams, and still others are the informal “leaders” of their friend groups – you know, the people who make the call about which bar to meet at because the rest of us can’t make up our minds.

So the real question isn’t “Are you a leader?” but “What kind of leader are you?”

In a new infographic, provider of credit to small businesses Headway Capital outlines seven different types leader, including the visionary, the coach, and the commander, among others. The infographic also drills down into when each type of leadership is productive and when it’s not.

Plus, there’s a handy flow chart to help you figure out what kind of leader you are. Check it out below:


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Matthew Kosinski is the managing editor of Recruiter.com.