It doesn’t matter what your company does or what its goals are: In order to achieve organizational success, every member of the team must work together strategically and at every step along the way.

A new infographic from ClearCompany, makers of talent management software, takes a closer look at what strategic action means in a variety of contexts, from performance reviews to supporting the daily tasks of employee.

Of particular note to recruiters should be the fact that, as ClearCompany puts it, employers cannot “wait until a person is hired to discuss performance expectations.” Strategic teamwork starts before a hire is even made: “Evaluate [a candidate's] ability to meet goals during the application or interview process,” the infographic reads.

Otherwise, you could end up making the kind of hire that actively works against company success, rather than for the organization’s overall goals.

For more information about how to achieve company goals, check out the full infographic below:


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